Thursday, August 4, 2011

Money and Career Woes

I feel like i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have an idea in mind for possible career choice. It's not the in demand health profession that i've been inching at since high school- it's Photography/Web Design. Not the most idealic money wise but it's what I LOVE to do. I often go back and forth between nursing which I like and the arts which I love with a passion. Of course everything takes money. To start up an on-site in home business, camera, equipment etc. i'm looking at a minimum $2,500 which is out of reach at this point.

The alternative is I can continue school and pay thousands of dollars (on top of the 15g I already owe) to become a nurse. Where did my hopes and dreams go of being an RN? I think after I had my children and being a SAHM for the most part of 3 years I realized I don't want to work 12 hour shifts everyday. I want to make my own schedule and be my own boss. I don't want the stress that being a nurse brings. I also feel like i'd be missing out on my kids life. I think i'd also miss the manicured life of being a spoiled wife and mommy to the fast-paced career world. The only thing pushing me to go back to work part-time is to save money to start my own business. Is it cocky to assume that I know i'm better than half of these photographers out there and I don't even have the equipment?

What's a girl got to do to make some money around this bitch!?

I could take up hustin/gang bangin'

Or I can throw on a pair of these babies and shake what my mama never gave me?

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